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A-Z Moving has everything for a perfect move in Toronto. We understand all packing and unpacking challenges and offer the best quality services as well as moving boxes of any size and free packing supplies. 

Where can I get boxes for moving in Toronto?

Tape, shrink wrap, moving blankets, and moving straps — all professional packing materials are already included in the price of any move. 

To ensure that all items are conveniently delivered to your door, we use moving boxes of different sizes:

  • Small (1.5 cube ft) boxes — perfect protection for small and heavy things, including books, jars, kitchenware, toys, office supplies, small appliances, and decorative items. 

  • Medium (3 cube ft) boxes — good for bulkier but not too heavy items such as bedding, drapes, pillows, and cloths.

  • Large (5 cube ft) boxes —  great package for pots and pans, comforters, larger toys, and sports equipment.

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